Author Topic: Общие черты австронезийских языков  (Read 4157 times)

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Although it is evidently far too early to make any sort of inference about the history of Land Dayak,
there are some similarities between this group and some of the Orang Asli languages which are striking enough
to be mentioned, and which are certainly a topic for further investigation.

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Вы против гипотезы хотя бы частичного аустроазиатского присутствия на Суматре, Калимантане, Яве до австронезийцев?
А источники есть какие-нибудь на эту тему? По-моему, даже в википедии об этом не говорится.
Ἡ ἀρχή καί ἡ μεσότης καί τό τέλος, τῶν χρόνῳ διαιρετῶν εἰσι γνωρίσματα.

Ні жовтизни не стане, ні блакиті,
Щоб приховать червону кров Донбасу.

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А источники есть какие-нибудь на эту тему? По-моему, даже в википедии об этом не говорится.
Roger Blench
В Гугле нашлось... :smoke:
In fact, we find at least three types of evidence for lexi-cal contact, and thus contact between populations. These are
a. Similarities between MSEA branches (Bahnaric, Katuic, Vietic) of Austroasiatic and Borneo Austronesian
b. Similarities between the Aslian languages of the Malay Peninsula and Borneo Austronesian
c. Similarities between Austronesian and Austroasiatic due to the trade-driven expansion of Malay
The interest of these, in particular the first two, is that these populations have no contact today. Borrowing such as we find must therefore be evidence of past contact in prehis-tory by processes that remain to be described.
It is suggested here that there were Austroasiatic-speakers in West-Central Borneo, as far as the island of Pala-wan, prior to the arrival of Austronesian in the area.
c)   Acehnese. Thurgood and Sidwell treated Acehnese as related to the Chamic languages, and it certainly has a significant stratum of Chamic lexicon. However, it also has cognates with mainstream Austroasiatic and vocabulary with no clear etymology. It is therefore possible, as Diffolth (p.c.) has argued, that Acehnese represents a residual Austroasiatic language that has come under heavy Chamic influence.
d)   Bornean substrate languages. Some Austronesianists (Adelaar in particular) have argued that unusual phonological features of Borneo languages such as Bidayuh point to a possible Austroasiatic substrate. Other linguists, including Robert Blust, claim that these features can be explained by processes internal to Austronesian. However, cultural evidence for mainland presence on Borneo is extremely strong, and such early contact is quite likely.

 :??? 2011.pdf
Ещё тут по части археологии чуть-чуть.
В общем, мог быть доавстронезийский неолит на западе Калимантана, на Суматре и частично Яве.
Возможно, аустроазиаты.


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