Author Topic: Помогите пожалуйста ответить на вопросы теста?  (Read 7541 times)

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1.   He was so tired that he ... asleep in the chair.  fell
2.   Our company is a small organization with only a few ... . employees
3.   Before we start the lesson, I`d like to ... what we did yesterday. run through
4.   I`ll be with you in ... . a quarter of an hour
5.   ... experience of working in an office environment is essential for this job. Previous
6.   The company has had a bad year and will therefore not be ... any new workers. taking on
7.   The estate agent spent a ... deal of time trying to persuade me to buy the house. great
8.   The child woke up crying because she had ... a nightmare. had
9.   The shirt I wore that day was torn but I don`t think anyone ... . noticed
10.   The organizers decided to go ahead with the match ... the bad weather. despite
11.   When I learned to ski, I practiced on a slope that was not too ... . steep
12.   I wish he … here. were
13.   I wish you… earlier.
14.   Choose correct variant
15.   What film (to be) on now?
16.   If you look carefully, you… find writing scratched on the glass.
17.   You… mad if you think I am going to lend you any more money.
18.   The music at the party (to be) very loud and could be heard from far away.
19.   Mike (to swim) in the river every day.
20.   The classes (to begin) at 8 yesterday.
21.   We (to go) to the university by metro yesterday.
22.   I (to stay) at school  yesterday.
23.   Look what a fashionable blouse I (to buy). – Well, I (to wear) such blouse about two seasons ago.
24.   I (to have) be there right in time, but I was late as usual.
25.   Choose the correct form of the modal verb. Their kitchen is large, and it .. be used as a dining room
26.   Choose the correct form of the modal verb. The job …be found by her easily.
27.   Choose the correct form of the modal verb. The boss wants Mr. Black. He .. be found.
28.   Put the sentence in Active voice into Passive. Fog held up the trains
29.   Put the sentence in Active voice into Passive. We can build on more rooms
30.   Shame on you. Why you don’t ... classes.
31.   Этот фильм был уже показан, когда я уже приехал сюда.
32.   Choose the correct form of the modal verb. … not walk on the grass!
33.   Choose the correct form of the modal verb.Kings … be Kings in all things.
34.   What great event started in 1960?
35.   The National flag of the USA is called …
36.   What is the White House?
37.   What is the lowest spot in the USA?
38.   The nickname for the American Government is …
39.   July 4th is …
40.   What are the last two states to join the United States?
41.   Where does the capital of the USA belong to?
42.   In which city is Hollywood?
43.   When did the United States win its independence?
44.   The colours of American flag are ...
45.   Washington, D.C. is a ... .
46.   What is the national sport in America?
47.   When do Americans celebrate Independence Day?
48.   Westminster Abbey was built by the architect …
49.   The American Flag has …
50.   What is the national symbol of America?
51.   The children … not upset, they … very angry.
52.   The neighbours …not happy because her children … too noisy.
53.   I … sorry. They … not at the office at the moment.
54.   How … you? – I … not very well today.
55.   … you a doctor? – yes, I ….
56.   The shelf … brown. It … on the wall.
57.   Where … Lisa and John?  - They … at college.
58.   She … the kindness person I’ve ever seen. My grandmother … really wonderful.
59.   Which sport, do you think, … the most dangerous?
60.   The lesson … interesting. We studied a new theme.
61.   I … glad to help you. You may come tomorrow.
62.   I … writing a letter at the moment.
63.   They … playing football from 5 till 7.
64.   These books are ... , take ... if you want.
65.   I have lost ... pencils, may I take ... ?
66.   ... often wait for me at the entrance. 
67.   She’ll go to the South with ... son and ... daughter.
68.   This is my dictionary and that is … .
69.   ... of you knows his permanent address?
70.   I have many close friends in ... native town.
71.   They should do it ...   .
72.   She put on ... coat and left for work.
73.   I’ve got no pen to write with. I’ll ask Peter to give me ...   .
74.   First of all we shall listen to ... suggestions, then we shall put forward ...   
75.   I’ve  got good  relations ... my parents.
76.   She is interested ...  ancient coins.
77.   His clothes ...  very stylish.
78.   ...  character my father is a strict man.
79.   Выберите слово не подходящее по смыслу.
80.   Before exams start students are to pass…
81.   His name … Bob
82.   They … an English lesson every day last year.
83.   Mary and Ann study at the University. They  …  students.
84.   I feel some pain … my back.
85.   I (to use) to read a lot about famous people.
86.   … you … to live in village in your childhood?
87.   He (to play) tennis twice a week last year.
88.   We (to keep) our car in the garage last winter.
89.   They often (to make) mistakes at the lessons.
90.   They (not to do) their shopping every day last year.
91.   We (to go) to the university by metro yesterday.
92.   I (to stay) at school  yesterday.
93.   It often (to rain) last autumn.
94.   ... always go abroad during their summer holidays.
95.   Give ... the book, please.
96.   He is an old friend of ...   .
97.   He washed and dressed ...   .
98.   ... sister  made some mistakes in her test.
99.   I can’t help you. I have ... free time.
100.   How ... new grammar rules do you know?


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1. fell
2. employees thought
4. a quarter of an hour
6. taking on
11. steep
14.? (это задание к следующим вопросом, я не знаю почему оно под цифрой)
23. wore
24. had
28.The trains were held up by the fog
29.More rooms can be build by us.
31. This film has already been shown, when I came here.
34.50-star American flag was adopted in July 1960.
35.American flag
36.The White House is the official residence of the president of the United States
37.Badwater in Death Valley - the lowest point in the US.
38.Uncle Sam
39.July 4th is Independence Day.
40.The last two states to join the United States is Alaska and Hawaii
41.The capital of the United States in Washington.
42.Hollywood is located in Los Angeles.
43.The United States won its independence July 4, 1776, blue and white of USA
46.Baseball is the national sport in America
47.Americans celebrate Independence Day 4 of July
48.Westminster Abbey was built by the architect Sir Christopher Wren
49.The American Flag has 50 white stars and 13 strips.
50.The national symbols of America are Stars and Stripes US national flag, bald eagle on the coat of arms and the national anthem.
51.are , are
52.are, are, are
54.are, am
55.Are, am, is
57.are, are, is
63.are, them, yours
67.her, her
74.the, it
90.didnt do


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