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Нашел забавный сайт с записью разговоров маленьких детей с их родителями.

@UTF8 @Begin @Languages: he @Participants: CHI Shlomit Target_Child, DAF Dafna_K Investigator @ID: he|BSF|CHI|3;6.||||Target_Child|| @ID: he|BSF|DAF|||||Investigator|| @Situation: At child's nursery school. @Comment: Dafna is collecting data for M.A. thesis.
*DAF: tishmeri oto al yadex.
%eng: keep [% second person Feminine Singular] it on hand you  [% Feminine Singular]
%flo: Keep it next to you.
*CHI: hakol ani eshmor.
%eng: everything I will keep
%flo: I'll keep everything.
*DAF: hakol Etti yexola lishmor.
%eng: everything Etti can [% Feminine Singular] to keep
%flo: Etti can keep everything.
%exp: Etti is evidently the name of child's nurseryschool teacher.
%com: Note inversions to OSV order in two preceding utterances.
*CHI: ani roca et hakol.
%eng: I want [% Feminine Singular] ACC everything.
*CHI: lax klum.
%eng: to you [% Feminine Singular] nothing
%flo: Nothing for you.
*DAF: lax klum?
%eng: to you [% Feminine Singular] nothing?
%flo: Nothing for you?
*CHI: klum lax (y)ihye.
%err: <3> lo yihye
%eng: nothing to you [% Feminine Singular] will be
%flo: There'll be nothing for you.
%com: Note omission of double negative marking.
*DAF: ma ro'im kan?
%eng: what see [% Masculine Plural] here
%flo: What can you see here?
*CHI: oxel na'al.
%eng: eats [% Masculine Singular] shoe
%flo: Eating a shoe.
*DAF: ma pit'om, at oxelet na'alayim?
%eng: what suddenly, you [% Feminine Singular] eat [% Feminine Singular]  shoes?
%flo: What do you mean, do you eat shoes?
*DAF: ma at oxelet?
%eng: what you [% Feminine Singular] eat [% Feminine Singular]
%flo: What do you eat?
*CHI: oxel.
%eng: Food.
*DAF: eze oxel?
%eng: which food
%flo: What food?
*CHI: she oxlim.
%eng: that eat [% Masculine Plural]
%flo: That you (people) eat.
*DAF: ma ima osa bamitbax?
%eng: what mommy do [% Feminine Singular] in the kitchen
%flo: What's mommy doing in the kitchen?
*CHI: roxecet k(e)lim.
%eng: washes [% Feminine Singular] utensils
%flo: Washing the dishes.
*DAF: ma ro'im kan?
%eng: what see [% Masculine Plural] here
%flo: What can you see here?
*CHI: dubim ve yalda.
%eng: (teddy) bears and girl
%flo: (Teddy) bears and a girl.
*DAF: ve kan?
%eng: and here.
*CHI: barvazim.
%eng: Ducks.
*DAF: ma osa hayalda.
%eng: what do [% Feminine Singular] the-girl
%flo: What's the girl doing?
*CHI: lokaxat.
%eng: takes [% Feminine Singular]
%flo: Is-taking
*DAF: ma yesh kan?
%eng: what be here
%flo: What's this here?
*CHI: kadurim.
%eng: Balls.
*DAF: ma od?
%eng: what more
%flo: What else?
*CHI: yalda.
%eng: Girl
*DAF: ve kan.
%eng: and here
*CHI: pil.
%eng: (an) elephant.
*CHI: tarnegolet.
%eng: (a) hen.
*CHI: dubi.
%eng: (a teddy) bear.
*DAF: ma hem osim po.
%eng: what they [% Masculine] do [% Masculine Plural] here
%flo: What are they doing here?
*CHI: nos'im.
%eng: travel [% Masculine Plural]
%flo: They are going (travelling, driving).
*DAF: le'an yis'u?
%eng: to-where will-travel [% Third person]
%flo: Where are they gonna go to?
*CHI: lexefa.
%eng: To Haifa.
*DAF: at gam nasat lexefa?
%eng: you [% Feminine Singular] also travelled [% Feminine Singular]  to-Haifa?
%flo: Have you been to Haifa too?
*CHI: pa'am nasati.
%eng: once went [% first Person Singular]
%flo: Once I travelled (once I took a trip)
*DAF: im mi nasat?
%eng: with who travelled [% second person Feminine Singular]
%flo: Who did you go with?
*CHI: im aba sheli ve ima sheli.
%eng: with daddy of me and mommy of me.
%flo: With my mommy and daddy.
*DAF: mi gar bexefa?
%eng: who lives [% Masculine Singular] in Haifa
%flo: Who lives in Haifa?
*CHI: saba.
%flo: Grandpa.
*DAF: ma at osa ecel saba Aron.
%eng: what you [% Feminine Singular] do [% Feminine Singular] at grandpa  Aron.
%flo: What do you do at Grandpa Aron's?
*CHI: hu kvar xazar.
%eng: he already returned [% Third person Masculine Singular]
%flo: He's back already.
*DAF: efo haya?
%eng: where was [% third person Masculine Singular]
%flo: Where was he?
*CHI: bemakom gadol gadol.
%eng: in place big big
%flo: In a great big place.
*DAF: lama hu nasa?
%eng: why he travelled [% third person Masculine Singular]
%flo: Why did he go?
*CHI: kaxa hu raca.
%eng: so he wanted [% third person Masculine Singular]
%flo: He wanted to.

Текст показался чем-то очень знакомым, долго думал, потом понял...

Ведь это же типичный текст учебника по которым мы все учили иностранные языки!


Вот за кого нас авторы учебников держат :dunno:

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Это файл данных для програмы анализа речи CHILDES. Я лично несколько таких транскрибировал. Адский труд.


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