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: Марта 18, 2010, 06:31
First day of spring -
The air so pure, the chimes so gently delicate...
The boulevard so full -
of people ready to blow horns and drum and dance and hop and march and sing ...
Yes - there I stand and breathe as it all stops
and chimes no longer jingle in the wind ...
My friend is awkwardly explaining something to a gorjus idol
with blood stream dancing in the temples -
a perfect rhythm with serenity and madness waltzing in the vessels...
How merry - making all that doesn't matter stop
and spotting things that make your soul vibrate
feels just like a piano string -
howling in resonance as you remove the damper!
An innocent flirtatious kiss
changing one's pulse like an injection of adrenalin
And every breath will fade away as movements cease
this moment, solemn and embarrassing;
In shameful pride one stands and senses
the gentle rays of light embracing all emotions
comforting one's Soul
and giving Hope
to those who are so appetized but don't dare eat
without fancy vomitoriums with padding for their elbows...


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