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: Августа 28, 2009, 15:17
Хорошо написанная статья о том, что такое латинский язык. Мне понравилось.

...If, on the other hand, we prefer to understand Latin as the language whose grammatical structure has been preserved in the works of the classics, it cannot be denied that, as a native tongue, it existed for just a few generations: one moment it had not yet reached that standard grammatical structure; not much later, certainly well before the end of the Roman Empire in the West, it had already lost it.

These events, however, are of hardly any consequence in the history of Latin as the language of our most universal poets, philosophers, scientists, historians and statesmen: the language in which our civilisation has for millennia found its expression. Whether native Latin be dead or alive, learned Latin certainly remained in constant use from classical times and throughout history, and the status of native Latin did not affect its continuity as a learned language which educated people continued to read, write and speak. It is learned Latin that gives us access, in the original, to centuries of literature, historiography, philosophy, science and law.
All the works written in Latin comprise the Latin patrimony, from Catullus’s Carmina to Milton’s Poemata, and from Cæsar’s Commentarii to Spinoza’s Tractatus. Erasmus’s Encomium Moriæ is no more and no less a work of Latin literature than Seneca’s Medea.
Fortunately, the quality of a Latin work lies, and will always lie, in the fineness of its Latin, in its literary achievement, in the insight of its treatment of the subject matter, and in its impact on the cultural history of civilisation. Latin philology has only been harmed by disregarding these facts and by confining it so narrowly as to make it increasingly irrelevant.
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А ссылка-то уже битая. Вот хорошая:

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