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Title: помогите перевести некоторые фразы
Post by: liya on May 30, 2017, 19:55
Добрый день, Буду благодарна за перевод фраз выделенных жирным, сама их не особо понимаю.

Here's a great way to gauge how popular flat track racing is in the motorcycle world right now. When one of the leading custom bagger shops in the U.S. up and dives into starting a flat track team with a couple of Indian Scouts, that's how.
After years of being one of the leaders in the custom bagger genre, John Shope has gone to the race track. The Dirty Bird Concepts boss has gone full Hooligan on us with these two 2016 Indian Scout tracker bikes. Not only are they excellent race bikes, they're also textbook examples of what smart bike builders do: when a fad dies, branch out and make parts for all kinds of scoots.
Racing and customizing are both very competitive animals, often teaming hand-in-hand to make customers take notice. It's a routine as old as motorcycling itself, with both Harley and Indian leading the way in the early days. You race, you get noticed, people buy your parts for their bikes. That's why Indian was eager to get involved when one of the best and brightest in the custom bike game got into racing.